Life of Me

Hey everyone,

My name is John Jarosik and I am currently a Freshmen at Ohio University. I grew up in Bolingbrook, Illinois for 14 years (which is about 45-60 minutes South of Chicago) and am a graduate of Plainfield East High School. My life to this point has had many great experiences and with this Blog I plan on sharing my experiences and thoughts with regards to certain topics happening across the world. My number one most talked about thing for me is sports. Ever since I was 8 years old, sports have been my life. Whether it be basketball, football, baseball, hockey, NASCAR, tennis, I usually try to watch a sport every day of the year. However, with this Blog, I’m not just using it for that purpose as I stated before. This is also a school blog and is one that I will use to help complete specific assignments for that ultimately lead to me getting gaining more experiences and memories. My uncle always says that memories are priceless and more valuable than any sort of dollar amount. As I go through my college career and go through the countless number of guest speakers, lectures, and come up with multiple realizations and thoughts, I hope you all enjoy them or at least get a sense of what I’ve taken out of things as you follow my journey and blog.


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