Part one: Marty Baron

When I first came to Ohio University, I couldn’t wait for the experiences and the people I would meet and hear talk from a journalistic view. Luckily for me, on September 20 at the Schoonover Center, one of the first people I had the honor and privilege to hear speak and give advice was from Marty Baron. For those of you that don’t know who that is, Marty Baron is the editor of the Washington Post currently, but a few years back was the editor for the Boston Globe and was part of the team that uncovered the scandal of the Catholic Priests. If you don’t know the story about it, I suggest watching the movie “Spotlight” that won an Academy Award for best picture in 2014. In it, Marty is the new editor to the Boston Globe and during a story meeting, he brings up a piece about the Catholic Priests raping and molesting children and says to the Spotlight team (undercover investigative reporting team)  that they should look into this and see if this is just a thing that happens around Boston. As they look around and investigate, they come to find out that this isn’t just a thing happening in Boston currently, but is something that has been happening on all levels, across the entire country, for a long period of time and has gone unnoticed. Thanks to Marty and him wanting to go after this story, the Spotlight team was able to find one of the biggest kept secrets of all mankind. Obviously this was a few years back, but the movie from a journalistic view can not be more popular than it is right now and if you haven’t already, I suggest watching it. We were fortunate for him to come since we were giving him the Carr Van Andra Award for his contributions to Journalism and was one thing I would never forget for the rest of my life. It was great being able to not just here Marty talk, but be literally 20 feet away from him while doing so. I had the honor of not only listening to him speak once, but twice since he came to my class earlier that day and spoke to us. It was great that he came within the first month of the semester because it really showed me what Ohio University and their journalism school is all about. We literally got the biggest name in journalism to come and speak to us at our University and I couldn’t have been more proud to be a Bobcat because of it. I will never forget his words of wisdom and advice for the future generation of journalism. I would put it in here, but there’s just so much I could put that this blog post will go on and on. If you come to Ohio University however for journalism, these are the type of people you can meet and hear speak. These aren’t just local people from local newspapers, these are big named, big time people. With someone of the stature of Marty Baron coming to campus, it was right at the moment that I knew I made the right decision on coming here. fullsizerender

Photo By: John Jarosik

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