Part two: hallOUween

When you come to Ohio University there are only a few things you know of right off the bat. First, our school mascot is a Bobcat, second the name of the main building is the Baker center, and third is that halloween is huge down here. Halloween or “hallOUween” as we like to call it is the biggest festival and party we have every year. It is so big that we are the third largest block party in the nation right behind Mardi Gras and New Year’s Eve. Now I’ll save the experience for another day, but one of the best experiences I had leading up to it was able to go to Honey for Hearts and help make crafts and costumes for the Halloween festivities. One of the best things I did during my learning community experience was that I had the chance to go and do this and help the artists and people in charge of the process of putting it together. I say this because it felt great contributing to the parade and your work would get noticed due to them putting the stuff out there and thousands of people seeing it. Even though there where basic activities like cutting out cardboard, making figures, and painting paper, every little thing mattered because you would have the opportunity to be a part of your first halloween at OU in a way not many others can. img_4378Photo taken by: John Jarosik

Where we did it was on the fourth floor of the Baker center in the Trisolini Building and when you come here next year or are even here next year and want to experience what I did, then either join a Learning Community or come here to participate and help out. With community service being a huge deal when you come to college, this is by far one of the easiest ways to help out and do so because its a lot of fun and you don’t need to be a perfect artist. All I did was cut cardboard into different shoes and length and I had never done that before. The people appreciate the help and is something worth doing even if it is only for an hour.

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