Part five: Campus Involvement

One of the things I think Ohio University doe s greta job is getting people involved in activities and getting people to know one another by doing the simplest things. For example, ever other week they would have a movie playing on third floor of Baker in the theater and there was one week I went with some of my friends to go and watch Suicide Squad.

It was a great experience because the movie was free and one I saw before and loved so I thought it would be great to watch it again. What I didn’t know was when I went there, they had are popcorn, soda, water, and pizza for the taking. That was a bonus because I had no clue that there would be all this food and I was glad I went to do this.

When you get here, every week they have a email go out every week of activities and such that you can go and be apart of and it was nice to finally go and try it out when I went at the end of November. It’s a free way to get food, have entertainment, have fun with friends, and get closer to them as well since you all talk about stuff before and after the movie.

My only regret is that I didn’t go to more movies because they had some solid ones throughout the year and I would have gone every time if it meant getting free food and drinks. Overall, it was a great experience and is one that I can’t wait to do again next semester with my friends because it was definitely worth it and would recommend it for everyone. Next semester however, I know that I have that in my pocket and is something that if you don’t feel like spending money to have fun, is  great option to do during a week night after with homework and studying.

Something definitely to look out for when you arrive one campus and want to do some fun activities or watch some great movies for little to no cost.

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