Part four: OU Football

img_4059One thing that I was looking forward to when I came to Ohio University was being able to go to college football games. I am someone who every Saturday sits down and turns on college football and being that it was my turn to be the one in the stands was very exciting for me.

Going to Peden stadium for the first time was by far the best football experience I have had since going to a NFL playoff game in 2010. There’s just a sense of calmness, cheer, and joy being able to watch our Bobcats on the gridiron and of course, win! I will never forget my first OU football game, just not for the experience and it being my first game, but the game itself was one of the best games I have ever watched.

It was the start of a new year and we were going up against Texas State. There where so many big plays, many touchdowns, and hard hits and I was glad I stayed the entire five hours for the game because it was a great way to start off my college football experience. The Bobcat ultimately lost the game in double overtime 56-54, but I tell ya it was nothing like I have ever been apart of. img_4216With me being a huge sports fan, going to football games is the best way to show your school spirit and cheer on for your school. It was one of the many times at Peden stadium when I felt proud to be a Bobcat because the fan base and crowd is electrifying and is something I can’t wait to do again next season. Also, it does help when the team is good and fun to watch since the team won the division and only lost by six to the 17th ranked team in the nation in the conference championship game. For an incoming freshmen, I suggest joining O-Zone, because there is a reason why they call us the best fans in the MAC.

Overall, my first year of college football was a fun and exciting one right from the beginning with an awesome double OT thriller. It was nice being able to cover the team each week and see them go as far as they did during conference season and I think we’ll be a team to be reckon with in the near future. OU is fun already, but it’s even better when the football team is good also.

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