For anyone who would like to read or take a look at what I am involved in, here is my resume.



I am currently a freshman at Ohio University looking to apply for summer internships in forms of sports journalism.


I have studied and been a part of journalism for now three plus years. I can write, ask great questions, get interviews, find ways to contact people anyway possible. I know what it takes to write a interesting article.

John Jarosik

Scripps school of communication  | Plainfield East Graduate


Breaking News/Women’s basketball staff writer • WOUB • August 2016-Present

I write breaking news articles on anything sports related to Ohio University athletics. Both men and women’s sports. I also cover the women’s basketball team thoroughly and write post game articles for the team. Work and articles can be viewed here:


Hardwood Nation contributor • Hardwood Nation app• October 2016-Present

I am a contributor to this app called Hardwood Nation. I write articles and cover the Los Angeles Lakers and write for them a few times a month. I watch games and then write articles on them and do weekly reviews and monthly reviews on the team as well. Sort of a way to have me practice being a beat writer. Here’s my first article:


Fresh OU- Fresh U Online Publication- September 2016-Present

Fresh U is a freshman only online publication that my school has its own chapter of. With our own chapter I write articles that are specifically for Ohio University students and audiences that can relate to what they are going through during specific times of the year. An example would be during finals week and how to get through it. I write a new piece every week and go through a publishing process to get it online.




Hardwood Heroes- WOUB- November 2016-Present

I am a press release contributor for a nearby high school basketball team for both men and women’s basketball. With this, I get on T.V. in their weekly show and know what it is like being on live air TV talking sports.


High school Diploma• May 15, 2016 • Plainfield east high school

I had a 4.5 GPA out of 5 in high school. I was part of our school run newspaper for two years and was the sports editor my senior year as well as ran our twitter account. I was honor roll every semester and received a 26 on my ACT.

College Student  • 2016-Present  • Ohio University

I started here at OU in August of 2016. To this moment I have just only completed my first semester as a college student. Coming here was by far the best decision I have made in my life to this point and am very satisfied with my school has in store for me not just for next semester, but for the future as well.

Volunteer Experience or Leadership

I joined and am currently in Theta Chi fraternity, which is a re-founding fraternity here on campus. I was just elected to Recruitment Chairman and am also the Press Release Chairman as well. With being new on campus, we basically have to start from the ground up and grow it to one of the best and great fraternities that are across the nation and university. With this fraternity, we have volunteer at different places to get hours and give back to the community. Our Philanthropy is with the USO and we send care packages to soldiers overseas. We also help with Books for Prisoners.

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