DCP Week Three: From Trainee to Employee


“Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own.” – Donald Duck 

Just like that, another week down in my internship here at Disney and I couldn’t be more content. Throughout this past week, I completed my training (which I will get into later), went to a park after I was done with a shift, got to make my own fast passes and most thrillingly, went to a water park for the first time on my program! A lot more to talk about this week, so lets dive in together.

Since I last wrote to you all, accomplishments have been earned and milestones have been reached. To start off, I had my last days of training last Thursday, Friday and Sunday before having my assessment on Monday. Day four and five of my training went really smooth. Mini highlight of the week, for those two days, I had someone train me that had never trained before and when he was given permission to train me, he got so excited and literally was jumping around in the kitchen telling all his fellow coworkers the good news.

It was exciting to see someone get so happy and the entire time, he had a smile on his face and other coworkers were so excited for him. Because of that and seeing his reaction, made me happy as well and made those two days go by very smoothly. However, the last day of training, the same could not be said, unfortunately.

Day six of training tested me. First off, I started the day off bussing tables in our area and of course, it just had to be a day where it was in the low-mid 90s ALL DAY. Being out there for about 90 minutes drained me from the start, but still had a lot left to do. After bussing, I took my talents over to our ice cream location, which to this point was the only place I hadn’t trained at. It was a challenge learning to scoop ice cream the correct way, or at least the way Disney wants you to, but I got over two hours of practice in and even though we got slammed at the end of the night, I felt cool and confident.

The next day, was the big day in which I had my assessment. Now, before I move on, this was not a pass/fail type of assessment. It literally was what it sounds like and was just to see how much I have learned, picked up and how well I can do the job after only being at each spot for a day. The day started with the written portion of the assessment, which was a 50 multiple choice question test. Overall, it was one of the easiest and quickest exams I had ever taken with finishing in under 20 minutes and getting 44 questions correct.

After the exam and going over the questions I missed, it was time to go through all the locations we have and had to do every job associated with it. All in all, I won’t go through every location and how the job went, but all I have to say is, I did well and felt comfortable really at every location. The only struggle I had is with the register at this one location, but that’s just because I need more practice and time and the results and fluidity will show.

After going through all the locations and jobs within a three hour span, and after a break, it was time for my leader talk. After going through and hearing how other workers talks went, a lot of them said it would last anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. For me, it lasted less than 20 minutes because I was so spot on with everything and was able to answer their questions before they even got done asking them. After completing that, then doing some last minute computer work, it was official, I had earned my ears and am no longer a trainee!

My first day of being a regular CP employee will be tomorrow and am excited to go into work and just work. Not for nothing, but the whole training this began getting a little old and now I can literally spread my wings and sore when I go into work. I know I can do it and know what I’m capable of, now, its time to sore and excel.


Better Late Than Never 

This week saw me do some first time stuff and has only made the experience down here more thrilling. For starters, for the first time, I went to the AMC theater at Disney Springs and saw the last installment of the Toy Story series, with Toy Story 4 on Saturday. It was the first time ever going inside of it to enjoy a film despite the numerous times of me coming down here in the past. For a little review, the movie was so funny and suggest everyone to see it if you want a good laugh, honestly. The theater itself was very nice. Definitely a top tier theater for me and was one of those that was a dine-in theater. For the first time, I was able to enjoy a Budweiser before and at the start of the movie and I definitely will be returning as more movies come out.

Another first time thing I did was able to book my own fast passes for me, myself and I. Being that every time I have come down to Disney, my parents have always been the ones to make the fast passes and pick out what we’re do each day we go to the park. Now, with my self admission pass, I can go on the app and book them myself for whenever I want to go to the parks. Not something that’s all the worth the hype, but it’s cool to have that power literally at my finger tips.

The last BLTN moment of the past week was yesterday, going to a water park for the first time on my program. With my pass, in addition to going to the parks for free, that also includes water parks as well and finally got to take advantage of it yesterday by going to Typhoon Lagoon. With TL leading the way in times being to water parks, there’s a new number one on my Disney adventures list with Hollywood Studios taking the top spot and breaking a tie with Magic Kingdom. As we stand, I’ve been there four times, Magic Kingdom three and after going to Epcot on Saturday, there is tie between them and Animal Kingdom at two for third and fourth place. We’ll see how all of this changes by this time next week.


Highlight of the Week

As I went into day four of training, my schedule was a little messed up from what I had done earlier in the week. I was scheduled to work in a spot that I had worked in twice already, but still had 2-3 spots that I hadn’t trained at. So, I did the proper thing and went to ask a leader about the situation. After meeting and talking she told me to just stay at the spot I was supposed to be at since the one restaurant next door didn’t have a scheduled trainer for that day.

I then went back to the kitchen and saw they were terribly behind in everything. It was packed out front and honestly looked like a mosh-pit with really no end in sight. I then stopped one of the leaders and very quickly told another leader of my situation and he told me to just go in the back and wait until things slowed down. I proceeded to do that for about 2-3 minutes and as I was standing there, my instinct kicked in and I had to help in someway. So, being that I was next to the fryers, I went in and just helped the guy because he had all of them going and it can be a little overwhelming, especially with how quickly both fries and nuggets go at this location.

After that, the one leader looked back at me with a smile and we started making good work chit-chat during the middle of this huge rush. I had to do something, I wasn’t going to sit on the sidelines and watch them do this, especially with these leaders that have on your nice work clothes and everything and yet they’re here doing the job just like anyone. That’s what inspired me and as it finally slowed down, the one leader that told me to go over and watch, came up and said thank you and that he really appreciated it and gave me a pat on the back with a smile. That was worth everything for me that day and was happy that I helped out rather than just watch people buss their ass while I sat there with a dumb look on my face. With that, only bigger and better things are coming for me and can’t wait to learn more as my program goes on.

To all who read this and have read my previous articles, thank you so much for taking the time. The continued support really means the world to me and is all I can ask for. Much love.

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