DCP Week Four: Working hard or hardly Working?


To laugh yourself is to love yourself – Mickey Mouse 


In a blink of an eye, week four of my DCP, is history. Each week and hell, each day is a new experience and I’m cherishing every second of my time here at the ‘Happiest Place on Earth.’ This week saw many things, new experiences and even a familiar face from school. A question has been asked to me on numerous times throughout the past few days, that question is, “Are you liking it?” My answer to that question, is a no brainer really. I am L-O-V-I-N-G my life here at Disney and each day is getting a little bit better than the last one. That being said, lets get into how this past week went. SPOILER: A new park has taken the lead in my Disney adventures list.

To start off, this week was great in terms of working. After completing my assessment last Monday and after having the next two days off, I followed it up with working five days straight. Within those five days, I worked a total of 38-42 hours doing various jobs and cleaning a plethora of items.

As the week progressed, I got much more comfortable and confident with doing the job. When I went into work for the first time not being a trainee, there was only two things I was nervous in doing. Those two things were: working register of our Mexican food location and, I’m being serious, scooping the ice cream at our ice cream location next door. However, as the week progressed, I got opportunities to build my skills and like I said, get more confident in the job I’m doing. By the end of the five-consecutive days, everything was so smooth for me and for once, I actually love my job.

Everyday I come in with a smile and everyday, no matter if it’s a eight-hour shift, seven-hour, a 97+ degree day with 90%+ humidity, I leave with a smile as well. I love being in the parks, especially working in my favorite one right down the street from my favorite ride. At the end of the day, when I have to walk to the complete opposite side of the park, I just feel so great. Walking through Hollywood Studios (MGM if you’re one of those people) at the end of the day when the lights are on, the park is empty and the music is rocking, it’s something that me and my brother have dreamed about doing for years and now, it’s within my reality.

All in all, I’m loving my job and after really picking up on how to do it the right way, I plan on looking into help training other groups as they come on in throughout the rest of the year. Don’t really know if that’s an option given I’m a CP, but something I’m going to look into because, when opportunities come knocking, the right thing to do is answer the door.

Ending off with my work week, as I mentioned above, there is a new leader on my Disney Adventures List. As of yesterday, after going to two parks and walking over 10 miles, the Magic Kingdom has taken the top spot. I have now been there five times on my program, with Hollywood Studious being second with four times, Animal Kingdom with three and Epcot with two.  We’ll see how the list is shaken up next week to see if Magic Kingdom can reign supreme.


Better Late Than Never

Like every week, I’m doing something new that I have never really done here at Disney. To start off, this week I finally beat someone on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. For those who don’t know, the attraction is what I like to call a “shooting game” where you go on, get a laser and  have to hit the Zurg targets throughout the ride to collect points. The first handful of times doing the ride here on my program, I wasn’t able to break over 5,400 points. This time, I hit the right targets and got over 200,000! I was able to beat my “VIP tour guide” I guess you can call her and this after she has beaten me every time on Toy Story Mid-way Mania. Which again, is the same type of game just 3-D. Overall, a milestone was reached and now just need to get better and get those numbers up as the weeks progress.

My second BLTN moment of the week was I officially bough my first ever magic band. Since Disney started incorporating the bands into the parks as well as the DVC, every time I’ve gone down with my family, we’ve just been given the plain ones that they give to you at check-in or mail to you. In recent trips, my brother had bought one and just got another one when my parents were down here helping me move in, but I’ve never gotten around to buying my own. Mainly because I don’t want to spend the $20-30 on one and like my dad has said in the past, “Why buy one when you can get it for free?” In the end, yesterday I finally made the decision and bought one. After looking through the various options and designs of them, I went with my heart and choose the one with my favorite Disney character. Peter Pan. It has his face on it followed by the London skyline on the other side and even though it’s been in my possession for less than 16 hours, I can already tell it was a good buy. Now, I don’t need to worry about bringing another card with me to the parks and can just do everything with my band!

The last BLTN moment of the week for me, was I rode the People Mover while the fireworks in Magic Kingdom were going on. The People Mover to me, is secretly my favorite ride in the park and to me, is the most underrated as well. It isn’t a coaster or a simulator or doesn’t have any 3-D of 4-D technology with it. It’s literally a ride that you enter in a cart, and go around the top of Tomorrowland and go through rides within the area and get views of the park that you can’t get anywhere else. Doing it at anytime is great for me, but doing it during the fireworks show, is absolutely breathtaking. It’s hard to explain how the view is, but trust me when I tell you, its an experience like no other and you do things on that ride that no other attraction does. If ever at Disney World, I suggest doing it, especially since you’ll wait no longer than 5-10 minutes and majority of the time, can just walk onto it no problem. Lots of reasons why it’s my favorite ride.


Highlight of the Week

This weeks HOTW goes out to my fraternity brother Alec (Gab-Gab). On Sunday, he texted me saying he was in Disney and was staying on property before going on his Disney cruise on Tuesday. Being that we’re “the two biggest Disney fans in the fraternity” as he would like to put it and after having various discussions about Disney this past semester, especially after getting accepted into the program, it was our golden opportunity to spend time together in our favorite place.

Unfortunately, with me working and not getting out till late, we weren’t able to explore the parks and the riches that is Disney World. However, at the end of the day, I got a ride to his resort, met him at the bar, sat and talked for hours and enjoyed a few drinks together. As fellow Bobcats we did what we only know how to a closed down the bar just us two. We even stayed in past the time we were able to and then proceeded to walk around the resort by ourselves since it was so late.

Overall, it was great catching up with him as I had missed our Disney discussions and had some real one-on-one talks that were deep and said some personal things we hadn’t said to anyone else. To Gab, you can’t read this right now because you’re in the middle of the ocean somewhere near the Bahamas, but stay up bro. I know next semester will be weird with me not being there, but I know you’ll have an awesome time and will make the absolute most out of it. Keep doing you and keep having fun. The best part of me leaving, is that the reunion will be so grand for when I return.

If you ever need anything or just want someone to talk to or even discuss some Disney rumors, you know the assisting hand is always there with me and know exactly where I’ll be. Hope your cruise was phenomenal and was so great that it felt like a dream. Hahah get it? Love ya bro!

Overall, this past week has been another awesome one and can’t wait for the journey of this upcoming week. As always, thank you to all my viewers and I appreciate the support so much. I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. And let’s celebrate responsibly. Also, lets go Team USA!!! I’ll end this post with a pretty photo of the Tree of Life. Enjoy!


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