DCP Week Five: One Month Down, Six To Go


“The important thing is that we stick together” – Buzz Lightyear

Wow. In a fast, but not so really snap, I’m officially a month through my Disney College Program. As I’ve mentioned before in one of my recent posts on my blog, time flies when you’re having fun. That’s how it was for me at school. Now? Well, *cues ESPN 30-for-30 voice, what if I told you, time slows down when you’re having the time of your life? That’s how it’s been for me these past few weeks. I didn’t think life could get that much better for me after the semester I had at school, but in these few short weeks, I was so wrong.

One thing I’ve taken away from this program in the early-going is just how much I love Disney. When I first step foot back home, I have begun carrying myself a different way as I explored the parks and property. Beforehand, I was the shareholder. Someone who thought I was BMOC (Big Man On Campus) and thought I was “better” than everyone in terms of my love for Disney. In a months time, I’ve been humbled and realized that it doesn’t really matter how big or small of a fan you are. All that matters is that you are a fan, you enjoy what the company does and what it puts out in its plethora of medias and day-to-day operations.

With that said, something I’ve learned from seeing how grown-ups are, especially with how they are with work, they hope the days go quick. They wish that they can get home to their loved ones and to catch up on sleep/do nothing. Wishing the days to speed up, leads to weeks going through faster, months going quicker and years going by at blazing speed. I’ve said this to a numerous of my leaders and coordinators that I “come in everyday with a smile on my face and leave with one.” I love going to work everyday I’m scheduled. I love making magic, meeting people, having conversations with people who can talk on the same level as me in terms of Disney. It’s something I’ve quietly been searching for the past decade and now I have found it. And all it took was for me move down here and start working for them… Of course it did.

Nonetheless, life has been getting lived and I’m very fortunate day in and day out for the situation I am in right now. To give a little overview of what I did last week, before I go into discussing it, it was a pleasant time. I got around A LOT, did some things for the first time, per usual and got to see a familiar face for a few days as well. Let’s blast off into the recap of my week. Shall we?


To start off, we’ll begin with my Disney Adventures list, for the second week in a row, Magic Kingdom hails to the throne as I have been there now six times. Hollywood (my home park) isn’t too far behind with being there five times, followed by Animal Kingdom with four and last, but certainly not least, Epcot rounding up with just two times. If you do the math, I’ve been to the parks 17 times since the start of my program. As we sit here today, this is day 38 since I arrived in Florida so if you look at it from a perspective, I’ve been to a park nearly every other day! No, I’m not tired of it, not even close. With working five days a week and only having two off days, going to the parks just twice a week really is the perfect balance for me. Especially considering having the opportunity to go at any time. It’s been almost a dream come true with how often I’ve been going to the parks. From once a year to multiple times a week! Gotta love it.

Overall, this past week was great! I got a good amount of hours in at work and am on my way to earning another check with overtime on it and walked around A LOT. With having friends visiting me, I literally was all over Disney property; some days going from one end to another. All in all, three days last week, I broke over 20,000 steps for the day. Now to some people that’s not really a ton, especially if you’re doing that almost on a daily basis, but for me, my feet have never be more worn. For the entire week, there was only one day I didn’t break over 10,000 and for the week averaged over 16,000 a day. Just imagine what it would’ve been had I not have the low number on that day.

When I started my program, after talking to those that had already had done the program once, they told me that in order to really make it worth your wild, you need to be flexible. You can’t be someone on everyday you work that stays inside all day before, then when you come home do the same thing. There’s no set time to be in bed everyday. If you want to live a good life down here, live it to the fullest and not waste your time sleeping and staying inside the apartment. That’s the biggest thing I’ve learned so far and I think it shows with my park attendance numbers over this past month.

Better Late Than Never

This week I finally got around to doing more first things on my program. To start off, lets talk food. For the first time, I went up to Disney Springs with some friends to get a drink and some apps and decided to try out the new Edison restaurant that opened on New Year’s Day in 2018. However, by looking at the place and being inside of it, you would’ve thought it opened on Jan. 1 this year! It’s a nice stop with restaurant seating on the top floor and has a legit lounging/bar area on the bottom floor. The decor of the place takes you back to the early 1900s and all in all is a great spot. In addition to going there, I tried my first IPA which, ironically, was called Hakuna Matata. I tried some of their loaded fries which were great, but for all that, plus the beer for $25??? Yikes..

Another first thing I got to do this past week was I was able to see the Hall of Presidents show that they have at the Magic Kingdom. Although I saw it last year after they added the newest President tot he group, it had been awhile since I last saw it despite being to the park more than any other. I went in with me and my friends and like it always has, it gave me goosebumps. It takes you through American history and throughout some of our greatest Presidents and how they led during tough times and helped symbolize what our country is built on and stands for. With the touching tributes, storytelling, a 180 degree screen and having an animatronic for every single President, really makes it secretly my most underrated favorite attraction. It shows what America is supposed to be and how even through the toughest of times, we always have found a way to come up on top.

The final BLTN moment of the week, really is no shocker. I got to spend the 4th of July in Disney!! Now, did I miss being at someone’s house, my house, the BGC for fireworks with friends and family drinking? Absolutely. No doubt whatsoever. But being able to be there for their firework show was something special. I started the day off with a nice little 7 hour shift and immediately went to go and start celebrating this special day. Although I didn’t end up seeing the fireworks standing still by one of the resorts close to Magic Kingdom, I was able to see them on the bus as I was going there and was just in awe with how lit up the sky got. I guess though, if you really look at it, fireworks and Disney? Hard not to imagine something spectacular with that duo. I found out too that they live-streamed the fireworks online for people to watch and that they do a 360 degree show instead of just doing the basic show behind the castle like they do on any given night. It was a great experience, even from the bus and was happy to be in my favorite place during one of my favorite holidays.

Highlight of the Week


This past week was a special time as I got to enjoy the wonders of Disney with a fellow Bobcat. Since the day we met back during freshmen year, me and Kenzie have always had the goal of getting to Disney World together. Well, that goal was brought into reality this past week as she flew down on the 4th with her friend Riley and stayed at Disney for a few nights. Despite the trip not being as smooth as can be and having some things not go our way (lol) it was a great time and was happy we were able to get to Disney together in just a short amount of time after talking about it three-years ago.

In the short time they were here, we went to Disney Springs, explored three out of the four parks together and due to some of the unfortunate events that happened, basically got our own private taxi for a few hours to take us literally from one side of property to the other. In all, it was a fabulous time as they both were able to ride Slinky Dog for the first time, we stuck the wait out during Flight of Passage and was able to do the People Mover as the fireworks were going off.

Overall, it was an incredible experience with Kenzie and Riley and was happy that we were able to both explore our favorite place together. As we move forward, I hope you two enjoy the rest of your summers and get prepared for the school year and make it a successful one. When I make my return back to the 740, it will be the grandest of times. Especially for fest season! Much love.

As always, thank you to my viewers. I appreciate you taking the time to read up about me and because of you all, is the main reason why I continue to write and have the confidence to do so. Thank you as always!

P.S. excuse my big forehead in this picture 🙂


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