Court Street Athens, OH – A Fabulous Experience



It’s an easy fall night. Sun has gone down, lights are on and it’s night time in Athens, Ohio. Athens, if you couldn’t guess, is a small city. Not much around when compared to other towns, and all there is, is a school surrounding it. On a regular night, locals might spend the night it and relax from a hard day, when it turns night time for college kids, Court Street turns into a whole new place.

This 0.6 mile road turns into a lot of fun for students of all kinds. What really makes Court Street for many, is the smells from each block. Starting at the beginning of the road, you smell the spices from Chipotle on one side and the grease of a Franco’s Pizza on the other.

Moving forward down, you get to the one, the only Big Mammas Burritos as you quickly try to figure out if you want that or a four for $4 at Wendy’s. Further on down, you smell Insomnia cookies on one side and the Crystal bar on the other. You can guess which smell is the pleasant one here, but depends what you’re about that night. And onto the final block, you get a nice satisfying smell of Court side Pizza. Where on Wednesday’s, come in for a dollar slice night.



Court Street, is a time where students, families, co-workers and friends meet up and enjoy each other’s company with one another. Whether it is for celebrations, functions, meeting up for the first time in awhile, Court Street has all you would need for nearly any function.

It is located to many spots for eating and dining. Such as: Wendy’s, Jimmy John’s, Lotsa, Chipotle, China King, Brennen’s Coffee, Court Side Pizza, Broney’s Alumni Grill, Insomnia, all easy access to spots to enjoy a bite. If looking for a little more fun, look no further! Court Street has 13 bars just on its street alone. Not counting the two (The Union and Tony’s Tavern) that are on the side streets next to it.

As I mentioned, Court Street and its wonders changes come night time. Every single day there is a drink special at numerous bars and brings the college students out night in and night out. We’ve gone over the smells and sights of Court Street, but haven’t experienced the sound.

Diner Day Wednesday at Court Street Diner


At night time, the lights are bright and the music is playing. As you walk down the street, you will hear music playing from speakers on top of light poles. During Christmas time, as one can guess, they play Christmas music. On a normal night, you get a mix of sounds depending on what side of the street you’re on, as well as what block.

You get the full party jam sound with J-Bar and the thump of the speakers blasting with the doors wide open. Get a mix of trap music by CI, Crystal and Pigskin. Usually a throwback next to Stephens, and get the electrical music with Court-side and Broney’s.


Court Street, for being so small, is a magical place with a diversion of options. Eating, drinking, doing work, socializing, etc, this 0.6 mile of a road is home to many students` best times in college. However, a common saying that rings true amongst everyone who visits this magical place, is, “What happens in Athens, stays in Athens.”

It’s hard to not visit Court Street when visiting A-Town. Unless in town for other specific reasons, there’s little to no chance you can/will avoid it. Given the time/day you are visiting, take a look at the list of specials Court Street dining and drinking locations has during the week.

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