Is Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World a bust?


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Resistance, first order or scoundrel. All three of the different types of people you will see roaming through the planet of Batuu and more specifically the city/area called Black Spire Outpost in the newest land to the Walt Disney World resort, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

This new land opened on Aug. 29 of this year and is the second of its kind as the original Batuu opened at the Disneyland resort on May 31. Within months of opening at Disneyland, many park goers and experts made claims that the land was a “bust.” With lifting block out dates for cast members as little as two weeks after opening, it goes to show that Disney had huge expectations for its newest addition.

“We expected a lot the first few months after opening. We were prepared to have things crowded day in and day out,” Food and Beverage supervisor Tobin Konecny said.

With Disneyland struggling on their end and having multiple reports of low attendance throughout the land itself, it caused some tension as the one in Disney World was set to open.

“We all knew about Disneyland and its troubles, but we wanted, as a group, to make this known as the better Batuu,” Galaxy’s Edge cast member Jalel Moura said.

Since its opening in August, Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World has not been considered a bust in terms of people coming through. Everyday there are large crowds, many items that are only found in the land are getting bought and the hardcore Star Wars fans are coming back multiple times.

“This is about my third or fourth time being here in the last two months. I love how you can have your own Star Wars story here and bring it into your reality. It’s something many fans have been waiting for, for quite some time,” Annual Pass-holder Jaden Howard said.

With the land keeping afloat, one factor that’s only going to continue on the steadiness is the new attraction that just opened up last week called: Rise of the Resistance. This new attraction uses state of the art technology and is a ride that is the first of its kind with all of the immersion that it has throughout it.

With that, on top of it getting sold out everyday with the virtual queue Disney is implementing to keep the lines down, the land looks to be solidified for the time being. Especially with it being holiday season as well, there is no telling when things will be “slow” in a galaxy far, far away.

“We look to keep this going as long as we can. We want to give our guests the best Star Wars story they can possibly have,” Konecny said.

For more information on the land and its newest attraction, check out these links to videos below:

Find Your #HappyPlace: The Stories That Live in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


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