Illinois to its people: stay inside!

With the uncomfortable growing rate of COVID – 19, to the point of having over 5,000+ cases in the past two weeks, the state of Illinois is taking strong measures to influence people to stay home.

The state is currently on a stay-at-home ordinance and has been so for now going on two weeks. However, cities and are beginning to push the measure further to ensure that people are/will stay inside as much as possible.

“It’s nothing like I have ever experienced before in my life. I hope that this doesn’t ever happen again. And like I said before, I really hope this isn’t like our new normal,” Illinois resident Jo Anne Jarosik said.

The city of Chicago announced Friday they are closing down their 18.5 mile Lakefront Trail, located along the western shore of Lake Michigan, after pictures across social media surfaced of many people out and about not practicing social distancing.

In Chicagoland areas, such as the city of Bolingbrook, they have put up caution tape around park equipment to ensure kids won’t use the park and parents won’t think to let their kids go there.

Many office buildings across the Chicagoland area continue to be empty, no bar anywhere is open, schools remain close as the state is preparing for what seems to be the peak of the coronavirus spread.

“Trying to do everything from home has been very difficult. It’s been a hard transition. It’s just not the same atmosphere and experience that you get at school,” Illinois resident Adam Jarosik said.

On Monday, it was announced that Illinois had over 1,100 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, it’s biggest jump in any day since they began testing. The death toll also is climbing as it stands at 73 people including the first infant to die due to the virus as well.


Looking at the numbers, there are only seven states with more confirmed cases than Illinois. Making it one of the biggest hotspots in the country. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker has said everyday in his briefings for people to wash their hands regularly, practice social distancing and more importantly, stay at home.

Pritzker announced that they are opening more testing centers and that within a week, can go from testing 4,000 people a day to over 10,000.

“We’re not waiting for the worst. We’re preparing ourselves for the worst,” Pritzker said.

For any more information on the state ordinance or COVID – 19 visit the states website at

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